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We offer high-quality conservative treatment for

scoliosis and for a wide variety of spine problems.

The methods we use for treatment are effective

in the treatment of patients with idiopathic


according to evidence-based criteria. 

Treatment is provided by an Expert in Spinal  DeformitieJoanna Slup, who has specialized in scoliosis since

2000 and has extensive experience in spinal


This means our patients can be confident that

they are being accurately assessed and properly




Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine with a lateral curvature of 10 degree or more and with a rotational component. Scoliosis may be either structural or functional. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the most common form of scoliosis in adolescence. Curves of greater than 40 degrees at the end of the growth are likely to continue to progress after skeletal maturity, while curves of less than 30 degrees at skeletal maturity are unlikely to progress significantly during adulthood. The etiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis remains unknown.


The specific conservative treatment has been created for idiopathic scoliosis. However, this treatment could be also beneficial for other structural and non- structural spinal deformities. Each scoliosis patient has his/her own unique curve pattern and is evaluated separately. A patient's personalized exercise program depends on the number of primary and secondary curves and the location of these curves. The treatment programme consists of correction of the scoliotic posture and breathing pattern with the help of proprioceptive and exteroceptive stimulation and mirror control.

Schroth method teacher

Joanna Słup MSC, MCSP

Scoliosis Physiotherapy Consultant

Expert in Spinal Deformities

She received a master's degree in Phyiotherapy in 2000 and a master' degree in Tourism and Recreation in 1998.

She has over 22 years' experience in treating people with spinal deformities. Joanna become a certified Schroth physiotherapist in 2008. She was the first cerified Schroth physiotherapist in the UK, who passed both theoretical and practical exams.




Kyphosis is an excessive posterior curvature of the thoracic spine. The rounded contour of the upper thoracic spine is accentuated secondarily to congenital factors, compensatory changes, muscular imbalance, compression fractures, osteoporosis in older adults and Scheuermann's disease in young persons.

Scheuermann's disease is a growth disorder characterized by inflammation and osteochondritis of the thoracic vertebrae. Patients with Scheuermann's disease have an angular thoracic kyphosis often with accompanying compensatory lumbar lordosis and increased cervical lordosis. The position of the head is often in forward protrusion and the shoulders are often positioned anteriorly. Tightness of the hamstrings is common. Scoliosis and spondylolysis can occur with Scheuermann's kyphosis, but usually are minor.


Spinal pain results from either trauma or repetitive movements and sustained poor postures which over time lead to a change in the mechanical structure of the bones and tissues. 

Our major objective is to identify and treat the cause of pain, not just the symptoms. Through our approach patients will have improved strength and flexibility, better mechanical body function and will be able to get on with leading a full and active life.

The Initial Consultation

You (or your child) will be assessed during the initial consultation. It will involve a full examination, an explanation of the findings and an outline of the individual treatment programe most suited to your needs.

Cancellation Policy

Please email us at

 or call or text us on 07719997920 with your cancellation notification. This allows us the opportunity to offer that appointment to another patient. If we do not receive 24 hours notice of cancellation or if you fail to attend an appointment a full charge for the appointment will be applied.

To help you remember you have an appointment we do send reminder text messages.

Payment methods

We accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. 




Stop Curve Progression

Improve Pulmonary Function

Improve Flexibility

Minimize any Associated Painful Problems

What can we treat? 


Adolescent idiopatic scoliosis and

adult scoliosis

Sheuermann's disease

Back pain 

Neck pain 


Slipped disk (s)

Pins and needles 

Bad posture 


much more


I learnt such a lot from you, and understand my body and what I should do and not do in order to keep my back as fit as possible. Thank you for all you have done for me. You have been kind, fun, reassuring and encouraging to me in my endeavors. I really do hope to see you again.


You did everything logically and in stages. We talked about my starting position, the goals that I wanted to achieve and I think that you really took note of my particular scoliosis. Every exercise was specific to how I was feeling i.e if I felt pain we would change exercise - everything had a goal. I also liked the session structure. You are so dedicated and kind. You have helped me to understand my condition, whilst also motivating me to do something about it. You have also been extremely professional at all times, and I trusted your opinion right from the start- so a big Thank you!


You gave me encouragement when I needed it. You also helped me to remember my corrections. You made the course fun and understandable. I feel a lot stronger. I didn't have to "just wait and see", approach recommended by the consultant. As soon as I started I felt a lot less pain 


The treatment has been amazing. It has exceeded everything I thought it would be and the result I have got from it in just three weeks are more than I could have expected. Although I have got these great results so far, I have certainly had to work for them, but you have made it so much easier. You give everyone the same amount of attention. You have given me the motivation I needed to start getting these results. You work as hard and constantly encouraging us, which is what keeps us going after getting up at five every morning for three weeks. Overall I have enjoyed the whole experience


I like what you did for me because you explained directly, with good definition. My back has progressed with your help. You help me understand what scoliosis is. This is a really good treatment because after experience I know what is good or bad for me. Before I wasn't quite sure what the exercises were for, but now I understand. Also, I've grown stronger, so I like to show-off!



 I feel I have learnt a lot on this 2 weeks course, more than I ever did doing Pilates or any other exercises which I felt actually made my condition worse. After Joanna explanation as to why and how these types of exercises increased my condition. My exercises I have been given I know very well and feel they make my condition a lot better. I look forward to doing them at home and hopefully my back will get better and better. I would have loved to do 4 weeks, but this is not possible with my work. I am going to come back once a month for the next 4-5 months to make sure I am doing everything right and keep me motivated. I am very glad I did this course and only wish I had done it 20 years ago.